Christmas Wildfire

MullenLowe MENA FZ

Wildfires are more destructive than ever. And in 20 years, scientists predict they’ll be six times larger. The Middle East is a region known for its fuel-based economy and almost inexistent sustainable culture. So, how could we get people to care about climate change and wildfires when it’s not really part of the agenda?

By subverting one of the season’s most traditional ceremonies and burning the one tree people love to see: the Christmas Tree. During the traditional lighting of the tree, Mall of the Emirates stunned mall visitors with a digital carbon-neutral tree, which lit beautifully and, all of a sudden, burnt to ashes. Our carbon-neutral Christmas Tree was 8 meters high and built with 500+ reused LED screens and a 4D audio sound system to create a fully immersive experience that shocked people and invited them to rethink their ways. The activation was watched by more than 200,000 mall visitors on ground, online and in broadcast it gathered over 120M impressions and $1,800,000 in earned media. And more: according Google Trends 2021, “Wildfire” Google searches increased 27% during the period of the campaign, proving that the idea helped to bring the climate change back to the conversation in a month when anyone is interested in talking about that.