Christmas at Bute Park

Mustard Media

Christmas at Bute Park was a brand new festive light trail held in a new location; Cardiff, which launched in Summer, during Covid 19. 

We were tasked with launching a new event with no existing assets, engaged audience or database to utilise. 

We took the bold move of launching the event in August, not typically a time for festive events to go on sale. This paid off and enabled us to build momentum, ensuring that by the time people were interested in looking at Christmas events, Christmas at Bute Park came top of their list.

  • Through our clever marketing techniques, unique marketing mix and expertise in the sector, we helped Christmas at Bute Park to become a sensational success. Key stand outs included:
  • The launch day being one of the most successful on-sale days in our clients’ History. 
  • Selling 40,000 tickets within just 48 hours of ticket sales opening.
  • Generating 36,514 email signups (against a target of 20,000)
  • Generating £1.6 million in revenue with an ROI of £8.66 (against a target of £1,155k)
  • In total  £85,513.87 was spent on digital advertising over a period of 4 months. This allowed us to drive 200,443 link clicks to the website / tickets page with a cost per click of 42p. This drove 43,518 purchases with a ROAS of 6.77
  • 42%  of purchases were driven by Facebook/ Instagram advertising
  • Google search CTR was 3.35% with a CPC of just 30p.
  • Google was by far the best platform, driving 34% of overall Traffic to the website and ticket pages and 58% of overall purchases with a ROAS of 16.38.