Charlotte is the Marketing Director of retail logistics giant ReBOUND Returns. The business reported sales in 2019 of £16.7 million and already process 40 million returns each year for a wide range of online retailers including, Gymshark and ASOS (a founding client).

She has demonstrated a fearless approach in educating an entire industry to change the way returns are perceived, resulting in monumental client wins for the brand. Charlotte has been featured in National news outlets discussing the misconceptions surrounding serial returners and the untapped wealth of marketing potential returns hold.

CEO of ReBOUND Returns, Graham Best comments “We hired Charlotte through our graduate training scheme and I was quickly impressed by her creativity and entrepreneurial mindset.

In the years since she has played an integral role in ReBOUND’s continued growth from startup to global scaleup, building our brand from the ground up from logo design to media strategy. She has developed and grown our marketing assets to position ReBOUND as worldwide return experts, driving business leads through always-on, multichannel marketing campaigns.

At the same time, she has effectively educated an entire industry, developing research to shift retail’s mindset on returns from a pure logistics issue into an asset that can be harnessed to drive future sales.”

Charlotte has been instrumental in the shift of the returns industry, leading the way for efficient and sustainable returns strategies, positioning ReBOUND as an industry leader and voice of authority. She has enabled the brand to position itself to be an authoritative voice at the forefront of sustainable, data-driven returning through engaging educational content, industry-shaping events and bespoke client strategy.