Cigarettes are one of the world’s top #5 most addictive vices, so getting smokers to engage with your message is one of the most difficult briefs we’ve ever had as they’re so resistant to conventional quit messages.

We had the almighty challenge of overcoming an addiction as well as an ingrained resistance to previous, rudimentary, ‘shock tactic’ anti-smoking messages that smokers are used to seeing (and ignoring).

With Change Incorporated (a Vice Media company) we changed the narrative around why a smoker should quit and we changed where and how they received those messages.

Our campaign used a dynamic, collaborative workflow and platform-specific technology to turn an vast library of 300 bespoke commissioned content pieces into over 1,000 creative executions to speak to the plethora of personalities, mindsets and barriers we had to overcome.

These varied, but tailored content pieces played out across 6 channels to prompt cigarette smokers across the country to take action in quitting. 

Definitely a change for good.