Carolyn Stebbings


An inspirational leader and industry stalwart, Carolyn is strategically focused is on making RAPP Group (which include data and tech agency, Code Worldwide) a magnet for data and tech talent from all backgrounds and as the Group’s Chief Operations and Inclusion Officer, she is placing DE&I firmly at the heart of the business.

Over the last year, Carolyn and the DEI team have done a lot of work around supporting gender, sexuality and body safety; promoting anti-racism and celebrating multiculturism; mental health and wellbeing; parenting and caring; disability and sustainability. It’s her belief that the industry needs to be open and honest about topics that might sometimes feel uncomfortable if we are ever going to see anything change. Personally, Carolyn has herself run events on Menopause awareness, eliminating socio-economic bias, as well her story on solo parenting as an elective single mother. She has been responsible ensuring that the business invested in unconscious bias training for all employees, as well leading a rich and growing apprenticeship programme helping to bring fresh new talent into the business from non-standard, environments. Carolyn’s energy and commitment isn’t limited to RAPP and Code. As a senior woman in the Tech industry, Carolyn uses her position to motivate, empower and raise the profile of women through her work as a committee member, speaker and advisor for Women in Tech. One of Data IQ’s Top 100 for 7 years running as a data enabler, she sits on the committee for OmniWomen and on the Global Advisory Board for Women in Tech – a not for profit organisation that’s looks to bring STEM to those in less privileged parts of the world. She’s an IDM Fellow and is on the Qualifications and Advisory Board.