Build My Printer Experience


Client: HP Inc.

The Enterprise Printer has traditionally been seen as the office workhorse — beige, bulky, and often tucked out of view.

But HP didn’t think it had to be that way. They introduced a series of customizable enterprise printers available in several bright color panels. This colorful refresh brought the printer out of the back room and transformed it into a bold office centerpiece. This change was enough to win industrial design awards. Now, we had to get IT decision makers on board. We created an impactful & engaging digital experience that was both easy to use, but also performed quickly while processing endless configurations in real time. From their phone or PC, users could see their perfect printer in their office space: they could explore features, customize their build, and virtually showcase it in their workspace. Using video game engines to render the 15-million-polygon CAD models into a WebGL-based 3D visualizer optimized for web and mobile, we designed 16 2D and 3D feature tutorial animations to work seamlessly with our 3D model, built 3 virtual spaces in Adobe Stager, and laid an intuitive interface over it all. Build My Printer gave an impressive boost to HP’s usual website benchmarks—an 8X increase in contact rate, 73% rise in engagement, and a 17% increase in download rate. This all contributed to 50K+ units purchased for over $70M in sales. And is helping make thousands of offices a much more colorful place to work in.