BT Enterprise: Mastering search to support small businesses in 2020



BT Enterprise is the leading business communications provider in the UK, connecting more than 1m businesses with an extensive portfolio of communications and IT solutions, empowering companies through digital transformation.


In 2020, BT Enterprise launched a campaign to support UK business owners through its extensive range of flexible broadband and phone products.


BT's mission was to maintain support for UK businesses by ensuring they could find and switch to the best package for them, but with 2020 being a tougher year than most for businesses and fierce competition from broadband and phone providers, we had to dig deep and find new avenues to help BT to reach its goal.


We established a new approach that not only set BT up for future campaign measurement in an era without cookies, but also allowed BT to meet its goal of championing UK businesses, achieving:

139% increase in sales YoY (website and call centres)

66% increase revenue YoY

13% increase in return on ad spend YoY

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