Bose: Listen Up! Delivering personalised audio at scale

A Million Ads


Audio equipment specialist Bose wanted to raise awareness and drive purchase intent of its new product, QuietComfort Earbuds, across Germany in November and December 2020.


The campaign needed to target a very specific audience - Escape Enthusiasts. Digital audio was the perfect medium for cutting through the advertising noise and speaking to consumers on a personal level, by tapping into contextually relevant data points. The creative captured the personal connection we all have to where we are and used it to explain how QuietComfort Earbuds give listeners complete control of everything they choose to hear.


By combining creativity and technology, we were able to show the effectiveness of a dynamic, personalised campaign with exceptional scale and reach.


We dynamically modified elements of the ad creative to respond to factors such as the time of day, the weather and personal musical preferences, to create 349,000 possible combinations. The ad was then configured in real-time, serving the most contextually relevant creative to consumers on the fly.

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