Boots What the World Needs Now campaign recognised that 2020 was a year like no other, and that acts of kindness is what the UK needed most. Boots realised that many were going to face significant financial challenges over Christmas so as an act of love sweet love offered a gifting range at 10 or under.

 Our ambition was to surprise and delight customers throughout the Christmas shopping period with these discounts & other offers across Boots entire Christmas range.

 To achieve this, we partnered with our WPP counterparts (Ogilvy and Hogarth), Flashtalking & Channel Advisor to create a completely bespoke DCO model for Boots, which was capable of sophisticatedly personalising offers to consumers at scale via programmatic display, powered by 1st party data. The DCO model supported offers across multiple categories with different look & feels and encompassed thousands of SKUs that were discounted across the Christmas period.

 Our bespoke, personalised model produced outstanding results, delivering an increase in online sales target. The DCO model significantly increased our capability around automation, producing personalised assets at scale delivering over 24,00 unique ad versions throughout the campaign period.

 Aside from the fantastic results, the beauty of our DCO model was that it challenged the status quo of product-first campaigns.