Andrew King


In 2021, TripleLift launched its innovative In-Show Product Placement technology, a foundational pillar for the future of brand-supported television. Andrew King, Senior Director of Product Management, CTV and Advanced Advertising is the visionary who steered this project to fruition.

Historically, static in-show brand integrations have required substantial manual effort. TripleLift’s technology solves this all while delivering greater efficiency. By creating high-engagement opportunities for marketers and facilitating incremental revenue for streaming services, content creators and studios without sacrificing creative integrity, an already $23.3 billion global product placement market is elevated. Bridging the disparate agendas dividing ad tech and Hollywood requires a multi-faceted dexterity that not many people possess. It helps that Andrew cut his teeth in TV production, where he learned the ins-and-outs of an established industry. This combined with his experience in various roles at AdRoll and Integral Ad Science where Andrew learned how to anticipate and solve challenges of the AdTech industry has helped Andrew to make significant inroads bringing new ad experiences and technology to television. "There is no other Product leader in ad tech who has conquered the dual challenges of delivering a visionary new approach to creative development by leveraging core programmatic ad infrastructure to develop a new tech-driven creative marketplace," said Michael Shields, TripleLift, General Manager, Connected TV. Jeff Imberman, Head of Sales and Brand Partnerships, Tastemade said, “TripleLift’s deep learning-based video analysis provides us with a scalable solution for finding thousands of moments for inserting integrated ad experiences in programming, supplementing a high touch marketing function with artificial intelligence.” > When TripleLift identifies two-to-six branding opportunities in-show, a show's profitability increases 15-40%. > Integrations, paired with traditional ads, generate 3.6x more time spent with an on-screen placement > Integrations, paired with a :30 spot, drove a 50% increase in brand recall.