Amex 'Summer Drop'


In recent years, Millennials and Gen Zs have missed out on the live experiences they crave. Brand Consideration had stagnated for Amex in 2021, specifically amongst younger audiences as exclusive events like BST (British Summer Time) and Wilderness Festival, had been cancelled, preventing Amex from offering card members the exclusive access they had gotten used to. When in person experiences were allowed again, Amex launched an initiative to celebrate the host of events and experiences that cardholders can gain exclusive access. Our ambition was to take over London with ‘Summer Prize Drops’, offering our audiences the chance to discover and engage with the Amex brand once again. Summer 2022 was the moment for our young audiences to have unconstrained fun and represented an opportunity for Amex to remind members and prospects about the experiences, large and small, an Amex card can unlock. These audiences love a ‘drop’ and our multi-sensory campaign recreated that sense of discovery through an Augmented Reality game and experiences at iconic London locations, including Box Park, Old Street Market, Neals Yard and The Southbank. We dropped it like it was hot!, delivering beyond expectation engagement, brand and business results.