WeTransfer designed a campaign for Adidas to increase awareness and promote their new shoe, the Space Race UltraBoost20. The shoe is a celebration of Adidas’ 5-year partnership with the International Space Station National Library which granted the company access to one-of-a-kind research and the ability to test their products in zero-gravity.

Over the past ten years, WeTransfer’s team has built the technology to create all different types of interactive and animated full-screen advertisements. Instead of distracting banner images, WeTransfer creates visually interesting, beautiful ads for its clients that appear like art. For Adidas, WeTransfer’s in-house creative studio designed an interactive full-screen ad inspired by classic arcade games that appeared as a wallpaper on WeTransfer’s designers created a fully functional video game right inside the ad where they control the position of an Ultraboost 20 shoe that and shoot lasers at asteroids and other planetary objects to score points.

High scorers are prompted to enter their emails for a chance to win a pair of Space Race UltraBoost 20s in real life. There were many unique technical challenges in building the SpaceRace wallpaper. Binding controls and user input within an iFrame, layering a multitude of visuals that could load in under 2.8MB, and optimizing it for all browsers are just some obstacles the team overcame in the development of the complex game.

Through 347 man-hours, between 8 people, over 5 weeks the WeTransfer Studio team created a fully functional interactive game using tools such as Pixi JS (WebGL 2D renderer library), SSCD (collision logic), and HowlerJS (integrate audio assets). The game had high engagement, and garnered a 0.60% gameplay rate, with 1 in 5 users who played the game opting to try again. The Universal Interaction Rate was 11.33%, which is over double the site’s benchmark.