Ad-Lib is a creative management platform for brands to store, deploy and optimise all advertising creative, allowing every ad to be useful and relevant to the consumer. Our creative automation technology (which includes AI for image resizing and video editing) enables brands to scale creative globally while making significant time and cost savings. As Marketing Partners of both Google and Facebook, we help clients to maximise these key relationships while delivering cross-channel creative across display, video and social.

Ad-Lib provides the necessary tools to enable creative to be fluid and easy to customise, rather than permanent and only changeable at great cost. Shell utilised Ad-Lib’s creative automation technology, including AI for image resizing and video editing, to repurpose creative for their variety of digital formats.

Using Ad-Lib’s software and Google's Gaudi image tagging and AI, Shell also optimised their video content mid-campaign flight to further improve the performance of their campaign. Ad-Lib identified the top-performing content as being 'marine based' and, using these real-time insights, Ad-Lib produced new 'marine' creative by stitching together further 'marine' scenes from existing assets. We then added in these new ‘optimal’ variants mid-flight to drive overall performance.

The AI optimised video creative was delivered against Shell’s primary KPIs resulting in an impressive 88% lower cost-per-minute and 5x higher view-through-rate than the initial videos!

This campaign proves that data-driven creative is essential when it comes to driving better performance. Using this data we were able to quickly incorporate a new creative brief mid-campaign to generate optimised creative. Not only was this a technological-first for Shell, it was also a huge success!