Weber's SmokeFire is no ordinary BBQ. It's a multifunctional grilling machine that sears as well as it smokes and bakes, and impressively does everything in between! Weber wanted us to help them introduce it to the UK's home grillers. Ordinarily, this would have included live experiences that pulled people in with the sound of the sizzle and inescapable aromas, but Covid restrictions and a lean budget put a stop to that... It also ended the chance to create our own content.


We needed a head-turning, flavour-filled social media campaign, and more importantly, to harness paid social media effectively. So, we teamed up with 20 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and gifted them with a SmokeFire Grill and SmokeFire Pellets to give them (and their followers) the opportunity to discover the unique flavours made possible with the SmokeFire BBQ.


Each KOL cooked their favourite dishes and shared how the smouldering flavours enhanced their cooking, highlighting key features that an audience would have seen in a physical demo, including the high-tech Weber Connect and the SmokeBoost. The KOLs published over 100 pieces of rich content, and we saw them actively engaging with their fellow KOLs posts.


The key factors: a continuous reliance on measurement and optimisation of all content, and the application of tactical boosting. High-performing content was selected to convert into boosted posts and paid ad formats. The most highly engaged content was prioritised, and new content was swapped in during the campaign to refresh brand messaging. In addition to boosting KOL content, we also created a series of dedicated video ad formats that incorporated multiple shots. We also did AB testing to get the best results.


The results: we exceeded all targets by 300%, and the cost per engagement was only 0.024: 70% better than the industry average!