A programmatic platform that drives better results for brands, and the planet.


Teads operates a leading, cloud-based, omnichannel platform that enables programmatic digital advertising across quality digital media. The platform incorporates demand, supply, data and creative capabilities. Thousands of media buyers in the UK use Teads Ad Manager (TAM) platform every day as their primary way of reaching 89% of the UK audience programmatically through 1,700+ premium publishers, such as The Guardian, Sky, Attitude, The Telegraph, Conde Nast, The Sun and Future. TAM enables advertisers to transact on a vCPM/CPCV/CPC or CPM buying model and define viewability or completion thresholds that matter to their business.

In 2023, Teads Ad Manager was the first programmatic platform to integrate Scope3 for carbon measurement, Lumen for native attention measurement as well as expanding the media offering with CTV channels and exclusive OS partnerships. This is in addition to features like a full data suite that incorporates a Cookieless Translator, advanced audience and contextual targeting, as well as guaranteed outcome pricing models and creative optimisation.