A Dynamic Creative Solution to switch drinks


Location-based or proximity marketing campaign of the year

Project title: A Dynamic Creative Solution to switch drinks Entry summary Czech Republic based Gambrinus wanted to urge their frequent Gambrinus 10° beer consumers to try their new, stronger Gambrinus 11° beer, during the weekends. The moto for this campaign was “Non-ordinary day deserves a non-ordinary beer.” Wavemaker and Xaxis collaboratively worked to achieve this by creating personalized animated banners, which referenced the specific day of the week, and the name and location of their local pub that served it. The team combined 1,848 GPS locations, 3 days of the week and 5 variations of text rotations, resulting in 19,060 variations of creative. The campaign delivered a whopping 4 million impressions to 1 million unique users. An average frequency of 4 per person was the perfect fit for the user to remember the message whilst avoiding over targeting and wasting impressions. The campaign achieved a fair distribution of an average of 2,000 impression for each individual pub website, and the click-through-rate on Saturdays was 1.4x better than other days. In total, 19,060 banner variants were created. For each of 18,000 pubs, Xaxis and Wavemaker served an average of 2,000 impressions.