Debs Gerrard

Creative Director, LEGO GROUP


Debs Gerrard, a multi award winning Creative Director, winning in Film Craft, Interactive, Outdoor and Radio. She has been part of building, launching and scaling some of the most innovative businesses of the last decade (giffgaff, Compare the Market and King – makers of Candy Crush) for which there is no set formula. She is now currently creatively leading LEGO’s new in-house EMEA creative agency, helping innovate and reinvent the creative process.

In the last 12 months she’s been working with the IPA to rewrite the Creative Process section of their foundation course, mentoring entrepreneurs through the Start-Up Kitchen charity and working on a set of columns for our industry magazines that will attempt to explore the fundamentals of the creative process (from beyond agencies), in the hope it will inspire investment in change.

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