Volvo Holistic DCO - Mindshare, Grey Gothenburg, Xaxis

Xaxis EMEA


Volvo Norway set their WPP agency partners, Mindshare, Xaxis, and Grey a clear target: increase the number of cost-effective conversions from their digital advertising. Leveraging proprietary AI and Dynamic Creative Optimisation, Mindshare and Xaxis created 2,358 unique display and video ads, each one tailored to suit its individual end user. As a result, the automotive giant saw a 440% increase in conversions, and millions of Norwegian Kroner saved in marketing spend thanks to a 66% reduction in the Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA).


Using first-party Google analytics data, the Mindshare and Xaxis teams identified Volvo's target audience before systematically testing a range of creative campaign elements against various audience segments. Elements such as logos, layouts, and messaging were all tested to establish which creative versioning drove the most conversions at the lowest cost. Thanks to automation, these insights were able to address Volvo's audience at scale, continually transforming the automotive giant's creative messaging to drive the best possible performance.

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