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By taking data from Twitter and transforming it into brand ads, agency Stink set out to create a campaign that conveyed the immediacy of Twitter to relevant audiences.


To create a campaign that would enable real-time data and stories to be turned quickly into ads and targeted at contextually-relevant media.

Strategy and execution

Stink decided to use real-time data analysis and Twitter Moments to identify the most popular and relevant stories for different audiences, using them to create ads in a visual style inimitable to Twitter.

Based on the subject matter of a particular story, the agency sent executions to targeted media outdoor and online. For example, a breaking story about Kanye West would be placed as an ad on a YouTube video featuring the rapper and a story about Lady Gaga would be aimed at fans listening to her music on Spotify.


The campaign gleaned 265m outdoor impressions, 100m digital impressions and a boost to Twitter's NPS (Net Promoter Score), which measures customer loyalty.

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