Through the Eye and Into the Brain - Moving from Viewability to Visual Engagement

InSkin Media / InSkin media


Online display ad specialist InSkin set out to prove a hypothesis that combining rich-media ad units with strong creative in a premium online environment could deliver deeper engagement than any other for of brand advertising.


To demonstrate the relationship between campaign effectiveness and visual engagement via viewability and exposure time.

Strategy and execution

InSkin partnered with visual engagement and AI specialist Sticky and research firm Research Now, employing the former's eye-tracking tech and the latter's survey platform.

Activity included an exposure study across test and control groups, while InSkin piloted a new approach to measuring visual engagement that allowed users to browse freely while their gaze patterns were determined.

Between July and August 2016, four formats across three campaigns were tested, with 4,200 surveys and 700 eye tracking sessions.


The project identified five key learnings, including that exposure time needs to be significant to achieve just moderate visual engagement, and accrued extensive media coverage and business opportunities, such as 200 leads from a webinar.

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