Thoughtful Marketing Movement Set in Motion, Thanks to Bloom & Wild



Bloom & Wild is the UK’s most loved online florist with a mission to make sending and receiving flowers the joy that it should be. They launched in 2013 with an innovative letterbox flower format that can be delivered even when the recipient is out - enabling their customers to delight recipients and show they care more easily. And whilst many people want to celebrate special occasions like Mother's Day or Valentine's Day with flowers, for some people these marketing reminders can bring complicated feelings.

For those customers for whom receiving emails on these holidays could be heartbreaking, Bloom & Wild saw an opportunity to be more caring and thoughtful—by giving customers the opportunity to opt-out of messaging that could be insensitive to their current situation. Using the customer engagement tool by Braze, Bloom & Wild successfully aligned with their core values of putting customers first and showing care by executing a no-frills opt-out campaign that wasn't focused on achieving business KPIs but rather, delivering a simple message about putting customers first. Aside from winning headlines with its campaign, Bloom & Wild’s competitors have since followed their footsteps. They have set the bar for what defines a successful business—one that provides relevant and memorable experiences rather than simply driving sales.

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