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In partnership with 2CV and Maido / Girl Effect


There are 200m adolescent girls living in poverty. While accurate data and insight are key to understanding the barriers they face, conventional research approaches are ineffective and/or dangerous in reaching impoverished communities in areas such as Boko Haram-plagued North Nigeria.


Use mobile technology to glean authentic research about adolescent girls in an engaging and safe manner.

Strategy and execution

An audit revealed that there were no suitable data collection products on the market and a trial in North Nigeria needed to gather research while prioritising safety.

An 18 month journey of development led to the creation of TEGA (Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors), which would recruit and train local teams of 18-24 year-old girls, equipping them with smartphones encoded with TEGA tech.


TEGAs gathered quantitative and qualitative data in the forms of photos, video and audio files of interviews. The mobiles were used to gather research using the Snapchat model of erasing data once it had been sent and using banking security methods to protect interviewees’ identities. Should a TEGA-trained interviewer feel endangered, an SMS panic button would allow her to alert nearby community members.


TEGA has unearthed unique insights across 62 projects, with findings for partners including Oxfam, Mercy Corps and Facebook. The TEGA Content Hub includes more than 80,000 pieces of data on Northern Nigerian girls, with no safety issues reported.

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