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There are approximately 32 million deaf children globally, with many facing an on-going struggle to learn to read, often due to a lack of resources bridging sign language and the written word and because they can’t learn letters phonetically. Huawei identified this as a genuine social issue – especially when considering how integral the magic of story time is to a child’s development.

Driven by this insight, and with the help of a friendly Avatar named Star, Huawei launched StorySign, an app – and a global first – that was designed to help enrich story time for deaf children and their families, allowing them to learn to read and sign together, at their own pace. The desire was to raise awareness of the issue to a wider audience and create a genuinely useful tool for those it impacts.

In December 2018, with Christmas a time for inspiring imaginations, Huawei launched the StorySign initiative with a heartfelt hero film, supported by a robust communications strategy including in-depth research and a fairy-tale trip to Lapland, to give families with deaf children a first chance to try the app, and enjoy an accessible Christmas like never before; with signing carol singers, signing interpreters to support throughout and a visit to see Father Christmas himself.

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