Spotify and Samaritans: The Big Listen



When people feel heard, it can save a life. Samaritans wanted to ensure that as many people as possible heard this important message so that they were made aware of Samaritans’ listening service. The ultimate aim of the campaign, and Samaritans’ reason for existing, is to reduce the number of suicides in the UK. At the moment, someone dies by suicide every 90 minutes in the UK. By spreading the word about Samaritans’ listening service, and the power of listening in general, the campaign aimed to reduce this number.

Listening is at the heart of what users do on the Spotify platform, so it was the perfect medium for delivering this message about the importance of listening.  Samaritans and their agency Torchbox were able to use Spotify Ad Studio, Spotify’s self-serve audio ad buying platform, to create, test, plan, buy and report on a campaign that reached 56,000 listeners in six days. The campaign was delivered as part of a medium that is all about listening and that allowed for the targeting of Samaritans’ core 17-38 year old audience in an immersive and personalised context.

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