Specsavers uses Cloud Tech for Performance Gain

Manning Gottlieb OMD


Technology is at its best when it’s solving a problem. In developing an industry-first Cloudbased custom programmatic bidding algorithm for Specsavers, we used machine learning in two key ways:

• First, and most important, we increased the incremental revenue for the business from programmatic display by over 65%

• Second, we took a small but significant step to acknowledge the imperfections of digital measurement and act to make it better. This project was a great combination of technology and talent coming together.

Understanding the challenge, testing and iterating with the solution and then delivering the results. At a time when Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are often seen as buzzwords, we have been able to extract tangible performance benefits to our campaign through smart application of a technology and dedication from our teams to improve campaign results.

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