Sheer driving pleasure with BMW - Sharing Christmas cheer delivered with Cavai



Cavai is a pioneer in the new and growing field of conversational advertising and enables brands to drive real consumer engagement using innovative ad formats to create memorable experiences. Combining technology and creativity, Cavai's unique solution facilitates engaging and scalable two-way interactions between people and brands in a digital advertising context. Cavai's advertising cloud enables dialogue-based advertising experiences for household names across a multitude of industries including BMW, Visa, Santander, Johnson & Johnson, HP, Unilever and The Telegraph.


As the world's most advanced conversational advertising platform, Cavai helps marketers deliver conversations in digital buys in the same way as they would normally deliver banners or video ads. Cavai's clients are already experiencing dramatically increased ROI, sometimes ten or twenty times over, by leveraging non-interruptive ad formats which enable two-way dialogue. Cavai creates engagement through creativity rather than leveraging data to increase relevance, as data usage in marketing is facing major changes.


This entry focuses on the success that Cavai achieved when collaborating with BMW on their Sheer Driving Pleasure campaign in December 2020. Cavai's conversational advertising campaign for BMW out-performed all conventional forms of online advertising and using this innovative means of communicating, achieved key campaign objectives including improved customer experience and engagement.

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