Quantcast for FitFlop iQushion: British footwear brand puts its best foot forward in the US



With high levels of awareness and market penetration in its UK home market and seeking new areas of growth, FitFlop turned to Quantcast in 2018 to help it run its biggest digital brand awareness campaign in the US. The campaign combined digital brand advertising and influencer-led PR to build on a strategic shift as the company pursues a direct-to-consumer model, refocusing from performance campaigns to brand.

Following a pre-campaign analysis, Quantcast recommended splitting the FitFlop audience into three distinct segments representing different age groups: Xennials, Millennials, and Loyalists. Using Quantcast’s Search Powered Audience targeting capability, the campaign successfully identified and engaged consumers in-market for new shoewear, delivering incredibly strong results and easily beating available industry benchmarks. Based on the campaign success, FitFlop is planning additional campaigns with Quantcast in 2019.

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