Nissan CARED4 Campaign

Nissan appointed Ve as its display ad agency for used car brand CARED4 in a bid to provide prospective customers with the same experience as Nissan’s new car buyers.


To boost brand awareness of Nissan's CARED4, driving users to the website, encouraging test drives and boosting sales.

Strategy and execution

Ve identified six stages in the customer journey, from those consumers who were most likely to be interested in CARED4 to those on the verge of making a purchase.

The agency worked with Nissan and its creative agency to ensure that the most relevant messaging was served to the right user at the right time across each of the six stages.

Creative was built around factors such as where the customer was in their journey and what model of car they were interested in. By analysing the correlation between ad placements and user engagement, Ve continuously optimised the creative.

Targeting techniques ranged from sequential messaging, contextual and dynamic retargeting.


The combination of strong programmatic and creative strategies helped reduce Nissan's cost per lead by nearly tenfold, while calls to local dealerships were significantly grown.

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