Nike On Demand

R/GA London / Nike


Decades of athlete data showed us that the hardest thing for athletes is staying on track. So we created Nike On Demand: a human-driven 1:1 service on WhatsApp that keeps athletes engaged over time, adapts to their needs on the fly and connects them with the best of Nike: everything from 1-on-1 training with professional athletes to VIP access to sold out Nike experiences.

Inside the Nike On Demand Service Centre, Nike experts, coaches, trainers, etc. cross-referenced messages with users’ app activity data to determine which nudges saw the greatest behavior change.

For instance, we found that prompting people with a challenge tailored to their level and sport preference for the next day with the question “Challenge accepted?” saw a higher rate of activity and post-activity engagement than when we simply told them what to do.

An off-the-shelf platform to power our concept didn’t exist so we developed a bespoke platform that blended back-end rerouting and a front-end chat, tagging and profiling interface that sat between the human operators and WhatsApp. This enabled us to create rich personal athlete profiles and provide users with timely, individual nudges that changed their behavior.


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