Driving sales and footfall to Nespresso stores via programmatic OOH

VIOOH & StoreBoost


Nespresso wanted to resolve the issue of stabilising their Westfield London in-store visitors throughout the day, where they would see peaks and troughs with no way of being able to predict the patterns, as well as generally increase sales of their products by promoting them to visitors of the malls.


Using JCDecaux screens within the mall, The Cloud and Compass, VIOOH and StoreBoost came together to create a smart and tailored programmatic out-of-home (OOH) campaign that directly addressed Nespresso's problems. The campaign made innovative use of dynamic creative comprising queue times, unbeatable prices on offer and a clock to hit visitors at a time they would be most receptive to the messaging - all automated and triggered by real-time footfall data.


The results were incredible, with visible and measurable outcomes. Visits to the store were stabilised throughout the day, and brand metrics, footfall and sales all saw significant uplift throughout the campaign, with a huge 19.5% sales uplift across all Nespresso products.

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