easyJet: Look&Book



easyJet launched Look&Book: the world’s first photo-based flight search functionality. With Look&Book, you can book a flight simply by uploading an image of where you want to go into the easyJet app.

In a world where visual, peer-to-peer inspiration on social media is fundamental in shaping where travellers want to go, Look&Book puts easyJet uniquely at the heart of that behaviour, short-cutting and streamlining the customer experience, and giving travellers one more reason to choose easyJet over the competition.

Look&Book was built in just six months from prototype to launch by VCCP iX, the digital product design and engineering team within the VCCP Partnership, and integrated seamlessly into easyJet’s business-critical app.  This means it’s now in the pockets of nearly 1m customers in the UK, with rollouts into easyJet’s other markets coming soon.

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