ISBA & AOP Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study by PwC



A truly ground-breaking study that, for the first time anywhere in the world, matched programmatic supply chain data end-to-end i.e. all the way from advertisers to publishers.


PwC uncovered industry-changing insight: (i) major challenges with data access and quality; and (ii) 15% of spend disappearing into an unattributable unknown delta.


An industry-wide taskforce is now working to resolve the data access and data quality issues, followed by exploration and reduction of the 15% unknown delta, to benefit advertisers and publishers.


This delivered on ISBA's mission to champion the interests of advertisers; the AOP's mission to champion the interests of media owners; and the mission of PwC's Marketing & Media Assurance team to deliver trust, transparency and insight across the marketing ecosystem.

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