iProspect and Eurostar – Inspiring Real Connections for Smooth Customer Journeys



High speed railway company Eurostar is one of the most data-driven marketers in travel. It’s approach to data, whilst cutting-edge, has created multiple levels of information that require harnessing. Recognising the need to unlock the utility and effectiveness of its vast data library, Eurostar partnered with iProspect’s experts to launch a full-scale project that would connect information collected from multiple sources across the organisation.

Audience data gleaned from its website, loyalty programme and partners were given a new lease of life thanks to merging campaign activation, resulting in an improved customer journey. The over-arching goal for Eurostar was to make marketing investment more effective by engaging with customers more relevantly, while clamping down on campaign wastage.

Through new data partnerships involving Skyscanner, and huge progress in areas including the generation of smart lookalike segments, the brand was able to communicate with its buyers in ways that previously hadn’t been possible. 

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