You are How You Eat

Stein IAS with Ingredion


Ingredion provides product formulation insights and ingredients to the food industry. Their control of sensory factors, gives their product-development service an edge, helping producers create foods which consumers are more likely to buy again. Inspired by research from The Understanding & Insight Group, Ingredion studied the preferred eating styles of consumers and how these relate to product preferences. Armed with powerful insights, the team planned the ‘You Are How You Eat’ campaign.

Marketing automation guided prospects through their buyer journey, with a sequence of high quality content. A ‘pre-awareness’ initiative promoted the idea of multi-sensory food enjoyment through the educational and entertaining ‘Ultimate Crisp Experience’ video. This was followed by a carefully designed sequence of content which validated the concept and introduced messaging around Ingredion’s offering before overtly selling their solution.

The campaign integrated web, PR, display ads, PPC, social and email. All this was orchestrated by Eloqua marketing automation, in concert with Adobe Experience Manager and the CRM system, to nurture prospects and deliver hot leads to the sales team, deliveringd spectacular ROI in the form of new accounts won and measured sales revenue.

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