IBM Watson AI Wimbledon Campaign, Kinetic Worldwide, Mindshare & Ogilvy


Unlocking the power of digital out of home; this ingenious campaign provided true utility to customers, and potential customers alike, dynamically created a unique experience for the audience. 

2019 marked the 30th year IBM had been the official supplier of Information Technology to the All England Club and The Championships, Wimbledon. To celebrate this anniversary, IBM wanted to demonstrate the computational power of their Watson AI. The campaign used IBM Watson’s AI capabilities to inform digital creatives during Wimbledon 2019 - creating highlights and sending them to DOOH screens across London’s transport network within minutes.

By enabling DOOH screens to bring people key moments from the tournament in real-time, they were able to keep up to date with the action, even without being able to watch the live broadcast. The result was an astonishingly complex campaign with data-driven creatives at its heart; in total, 60,000 creatives were broadcast. 

This was an incredible demonstration of the innovative brand activity rooted in data-driven insight, solving a problem for customers by bringing them live feedback of the tournament when they wouldn’t be able to access it themselves.

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