Huggies with Good-Loop and RocketMill: Growing Sustainability Leadership, Purchase Intent and Charitable Funds.



Huggies were already happy that their Baby Wipes had a lower environmental impact than other leading brands in the market, but in October 2019 they went further, announcing that over the next five years, Kimberly-Clark would work with leading universities and environmental organisations globally to develop a fully sustainable alternative. Kimberly-Clark tasked Good-Loop with raising awareness of the brand’s sustainability pledge.

Good-Loop knew that media spend is 90% of a brand’s advertising budget, so they came up with a way to convert Huggies’ media spend from a neutral pay out to one that actually adds positive impact in the world.

Using existing Baby Wipes ad content and their ‘ethical ad player’, Good-Loop enabled people to donate part of Huggies’ media budget to one of three baby-focused UK charities, in return for 15 seconds of their attention as they watched the ad.

The campaign raised £20,000 in donations – funding, among other things, the equivalent to over 200 nights’ accommodation for parents with sick children in hospital, 50 emergency phone lines for pregnant women at risk and three ‘Make a Wish’ dream projects for critically ill youngsters. The campaign also delivered 45% uplift in purchase intent for Baby Wipes, 20% more completed views of the ad than originally planned, and an uplift of 11% in the number of people who now associate Huggies Baby Wipes with sustainability, laying important foundations for the brand to own this space moving forward.

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