Gear S3 World Choir

Cheil Worldwide London / Samsung


The market for smartwatches was becoming increasingly crowded, but Samsung realised that the segment's typical focus on sports and fitness gave it an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.


To raise awareness of the Samsung Gear S3 among less sports and fitness-obsessed consumers, and drive Christmas sales.

Strategy and execution

Samsung and Cheil Worldwide decided to combine technology and tradition through the concept of the 'Gear S3 World Choir', which would see 24 community choirs perform in the 24 days of Christmas.

As choirs sang on the World Choir stage, their live biometric data was monitored by the Gear S3 and transformed into real-time cinematic visuals, which were relayed to outdoor media in shopping areas.


Showing consumers the biometrics of singing paid dividends for Samsung, with more than 15,000 shoppers inspired to visit Samsung stores and causing the Gear S3 to sell out in central London and on its online store.


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