Dippy's Naturenauts' for The Natural History Museum



Working collaboratively with the Natural History Museum, we designed and created ‘Dippy’s Naturenauts’ - a Progressive Web App that drives curiosity through experimentation, learning and storytelling. In addition to serving up fun facts, the app inspires kids to physically interact and play in nature - and, even better, get their hands dirty, too.

Toaster developed a conversational, chat-based UI to engage our audience from the get-go. Then, after creating an avatar and nickname, Dippy and wildlife whizz, Fern the fox, guide kids (naturenauts) on mini adventures to discover the colours, flowers, trees, and birds around them in nature. As each adventure is completed and special badges are unlocked, the naturenauts individual discoveries are captured in their very own, uniquely personalised and illustrated story (featuring their avatar and nickname), which they can keep as a memento of their adventures with Dippy and read later with their parents.

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