D0005 iProspect and Saga - Setting the bar for CPCs



Saga offers an array of products and services exclusively for the over 50s, including – but not limited to – insurance, holidays and the UK's best-selling monthly subscription magazine. It’s a unique brand that presents a challenge to its chosen performance marketing agency, iProspect, as every campaign has the potential to incur wastage due to the barriers on who can purchase a Saga product As the over 50s market becomes increasingly competitive, the adoption of automated bidding strategies in Search is growing. Upon inspection, iProspect noticed these bidding strategies were unwittingly contributing to an over-inflation of the Average Cost per Click (CPC).

With our motto – double the impact in half the time – in mind, we quickly developed a custom script that worked in two stages:

1) locked keywords into key ad positions

2) shaved bids to maintain these in a cost-effective way. In theory, by minimising the difference between the Maximum Bid and the Average CPC, the team could save budget for targeting generic keywords – a coveted source of traffic for the insurance market.

This campaign is an example of how small changes, caught and corrected, can have a big impact and winning this award will place the limelight firmly on our steadfast partner, Saga.

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