Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park: The Great British Music Showdown

AKQA / Barclaycard


As title sponsor of ‘Barclaycard presents: British Summer Time’ since the Hyde Park music festival's inception in 2013, the credit card brand sought to reinvigorate its associations with music.


To stay top-of-mind among young consumers applying for their first credit card, generating buzz and stand-out in a crowded market, augmenting its competitive APR rates with entertainment and exclusivity bonuses.

Strategy and execution

AKQA conceived 'DanceBots', animated dancing avatars representing people's musical tastes. Available in hundreds of thousands of permutations, consumers would be able to share them with friends via social media.

Barclaycard tied up with news site Buzzfeed, which carried a music quiz aimed at its young readership. Users’ answers were used to generate their own bespoke DanceBots, which dressed and danced according to their musical tastes.

Three weeks later, physical versions of the DanceBots appeared at the British Summer Time Festival, with digital screens encouraging revellers to make their own avatar between acts.


The campaign became widely discussed on social media, picking up contributions from UK influencers and celebrities and reaching 20m unique followers. Positive sentiment towards Barclaycard increased significantly, while the campaign site drew 1m unique visits and saw the creation of 100,000 DanceBots.

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