All I want for Christmas is… to reach cord-cutters on Connected TV

OMG / Hearts and Science/ The Trade Desk


Picture the scene: it’s Christmastime, the decorations are up, the gifts are under the tree – and a global video-sharing network wants to target light TV viewers in the 18-34 age bracket in a cost-effective way. 

Enter global advertising company The Trade Desk and OMG’s Hearts and Science agency with a CTV and video awareness campaign using a suite of audience and planning tools – and innovative data strategies – to push reach further than the client had ever seen before. 

This is no ordinary Christmas campaign. This is a ‘Hearts and Science ft. The Trade Desk’ Christmas campaign.

We activated a holistic branding strategy using The Trade Desk’s technology, maximising reach as planned across a whole host of video verticals – from CTV, to short-form VOD and outstream. 

The campaign smashed conventional VOD benchmarks and exceeded client expectations massively.

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